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Identifying the emotional triggers that hinder your growth and taking steps to manage and heal them, enabling you to make more informed life decisions.


    About Me
About Me - Life Coach

As a former People Operations Manager, I have utilized my expertise to enhance the employee work experience. In that role, I acted as a valuable resource and advocate, empowering individuals to make informed decisions. Drawing from this experience, I have created a Life Coaching Program that can assist individuals in making difficult choices with effective results.

One of my strengths is my ability to accurately perceive and understand people. This skill, often referred to as empathic accuracy, involves interpreting a person's body language, emotions, and reactions.

Life is an ever-changing and challenging journey, but that shouldn't stop you from achieving your goals. I am here to help guide you towards success. If you allow me into your world, we can embark on this journey together and reach your desired destination.

Your soon-to-be-life guru,


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Coaching Sessions

In order to understand your current state of mind and your personal goals we must start with the specific issues that are keeping you from living your best life. One way to prevent your triggers from taking over and causing an unwanted reaction is to proactively manage them using your awareness. Although it may pose a challenge, gaining a better understanding of your triggers can be a straightforward task.

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What does this look like

  1. Identifying your top triggers 

  2. Recognizing the causes that conjure up these reactions

  3. What story are you telling yourself regarding these reactions

  4. Be cognizant of the physical reactions that come with this

  5. Finding an effective method to interpret those reactions


  7. Change your environment 

  8. Practice, practice, practice

  9. Be present

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Tips, tools, and techniques to get you started!

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